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CM Raut requests for further watch on suspected persons

फाइल तस्बिर

Janakpurdham, March 25 . Chief Minister of State-2 Lalbabu Raut has urged all sides concerned to further vigilance on the persons suspected of coronavirus infection. Giving a message today, CM Raut said it is necessary to identify and keep in isolation the persons who have come home from abroad in the last two weeks and have been suspected of COVID-19.
The chiefs of the local levels are urged to contact the integrated information centre at state or the concerned chief district officers in case of need and assistance. As the sole efforts of government are inadequate to brave the global pandemic, all sides as private sector, NGO, and commoners should assist to make the nationwide lockdown successful, he appealed.
The CM further directed the government bodies to ensure regular supply of daily essential goods and take action against those creating artificial shortage at this hour of crisis. The security bodies are given direction to beef up vigilance at border area.

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