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Karnali government to set up COVID screening center at Chhinchu

Surkhet, May 18 . The Karnali state government has decided to set up a medical screening center at Chhinchu of Surkhet for conducting medical checkup of those returning homes from India amidst the COVID-19 crisis.
Earlier, a team from the state government visited Babai and Chhinchu before deciding the site for setting up the center and Chhinchu was chosen for the same, the state government said. The team comprised minister for economic affairs and law Naresh Bhandari, social development minister Dala Rawal, and Health Service Directorate’s director Reeta Bhandari Joshi.
‘We have reports that Nepalis have been left stranded in several places of India when the COVID-19 lockdown is continuing in both the countries and have planned to set up the screening facility for those probable inbound citizens in Karnali until the next arrangements. If it is done, the risk of infection can be reduced in the state,’ law minister Bhandari said.
Similarly, social development minister Rawal said the infections were increasing in the country and people continued to enter the state from India and other parts, indicating the urgent need for taking preventive measures against the virus here.
As he added, the state government is primarily focused on those arriving from India for surveillance and medical screening. It is said the center will be established very soon.
Similarly, the state government is learnt to have been working to ensure RDT and PCR tests for those coming here from outside, send maximum number of returnees to quarantine, manage and strengthen isolation and ICU facilities and for the expansion and management of medical workforce. rss

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