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Recommendations made to keep NRA’s human resources in present status

Kathmandu, 16 July. The National Reconstruction Authority (NRA) has recommended to continue its existing human resources until the completion of quake-hit reconstruction works including the private houses.

A meeting of the NRA’s executive committee held on Thursday made such decision citing that reconstruction of the private houses and other tasks were pending due to the lockdown and prohibitory order imposed to contain the COVID-19 pandemic.

Earlier on 24 June, the directorate committee’s meeting of the NRA had decided to continue its institutional organisation and term of reference as it is until 25 December, 2021.As decided the NRA is scheduled to complete the reconstruction works by 16 December and finish the handover tasks too.

Till Thursday, a total of 828,752 (99.89%) beneficiaries received the amount of the first installment. A total of 860 households of the beneficiaries are left to receive the first installment of the relief amount.

Likewise, 741,995 households received the amount of the second installment while 689,547 received the amount of the third installment till July 15.

For the construction of the private households, the NRA spent Rs 21.56 billion (90.41%) of the total allocated amount till the fiscal year 2077/078.

Similarly, a total of Rs 53 billion was spent for the entire reconstruction works out of Rs 69.33 billion.

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